Sleep Apnea in Houston

How Loud Do You Snore?

We’ve all been there. That feeling where you want to smack your partner with your pillow because you feel like you can’t get any sleep or sleeping through the night to wake up tired and not refreshed. When we don’t sleep well, we don’t feel well. All of this could be a sign that you have a sleep breathing disorder. Did you know that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea? Among those 80% of the cases of severe sleep apnea go untreated, the Houston area is not exempt from this statistic.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is defined as a sleep disorder where breathing stops intermittently throughout the night. When we experience trouble breathing, one of our our instinctual responses is to grind our teeth. Grinding your teeth pushes your jaw forward to get your tongue out of the way to open up your airway - to help you breathe better. Signs of sleep-disordered breathing show up first in the mouth, jaw and face; this is why this Houston dentist and team screen for sleep apnea and other sleep disordered breathing at every six-month check up.

How Our Houston Dentist Can Help

Each and every one of our patients gets a full work up of their oral health, and their overall health. Untreated sleep apnea can affect your cognitive ability, academic and athletic performance in school-age children, heart disease, brain fog, and dementia to name a few. Sleep apnea treatment really focuses on the ideas Total Wellness Dental was built on; family dentistry focused on your whole health and wellness. 

Nightlase Snoring and Sleep Apnea

A full course of NightLase consists of three separate treatment sessions over a nine week period. The final results of the treatment have been shown to last up to a year, and the therapy can be repeated.

Patients find NightLase to be a highly comfortable and satisfying solution. NightLase requires no device to be worn during sleep and involves no chemical treatment. It’s a gentle and easy way for your patients to regain a good night's rest.

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