Bioclear Method

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The Bioclear approach is not bonding. It is injection overmolding. Instead of just patching the tooth, the Bioclear Matrix and method allow the entire tooth to be over-molded with variable thickness tooth-color resin composite. Why perform patchwork when you can routinely pave the whole street? Properly done, it is superior to porcelain for both black triangles and young post-ortho patients.

The true infinity edge (feather edge on non-prepared enamel) margin is only possible with direct composites. Composites’ infinity edge benefits both color matching and pink aesthetics and nearly always has better gingival health than porcelain margin.

Incorporating the Bioclear Method into our practice has allowed Dr. Do to provide beautiful long lasting restorations, yet conservative to healthy tooth structure; the best of both worlds to our patients.

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