In House Membership Plan

No Insurance? No problem.

Total Wellness Dental Dental Savings Plan


·         No yearly maximum

·         No deductible

·         No pre-existing condition limitations

·         Immediate eligibility (no waiting period)

Annual Membership Due: 

·         $325/adult  

·         $299/child (<12 YO)


·         2 exams

·         2 routine cleanings (no evidence of periodontal disease)

·         2 fluoride treatments

·         Any necessary radiographs

Added savings!

·         20% off Laser Wellness Treatments including NightLase, SmoothLase and LipLase

·         15% off Teeth Whitening and Periodontal Therapy (Deep cleanings)

·         10% off  other restorative and major procedures (fillings, crowns, dentures, extractions, root canals )

*Package duration is for one 12 month period starting at the registration date. An initial panoramic radiograph, unless deemed necessary, will be performed only once every three years. Intra-oral bitewings, unless deemed necessary, will be performed only once every 12 months. Total Wellness Dental Savings Plan Package fees are payable in full at time of registration and are non-refundable. Payments for additional services are due in full on the date of the service, unless other arrangements are made prior to the service. All patients who miss an appointment without at least 24 hour notice will be charged a fee of $45 or lose one of the cleanings for the year.

It cannot be used in conjunction with another dental plan or insurance.